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Vacuuming Routine: Using a Commercial Upright Sanitaire or a Commercial Canister Sanitaire, homes will be detailed each visit. This consists of moving as much as possible unless otherwise instructed.  Carpet Edges - are maintained and detailed as needed. Furniture - cushions (top/bottom) are vacuumed and kept detailed as needed. This depends on the frequency of your schedule. Rugs - Larger rugs are vacuumed; smaller rugs are shaken outside. Tassles are straightened for presentation.
Dust/Damp Mopping: Micro Fiber Dust Mops/Commercial Canister Vacuum are used on floors to be vacuumed first prior to dust mopping. Damp mopping consists of using CottonDeck Mps/Riger Buckets. Using a number of available products such as Joy, Murphy's, Mop-N-Glo, Clorox Clean Up, Pine-Sol, Lemon Pine and plain warm water floors are damp mopped. Customers may also suggest and provide their own products. Excess water is not left on floors and mop water is changed frequently.
Bedrooms: One set of sheets is complimentary. Place fresh linens on your choice of beds. Beds are always made and/or straightened for presentation. Additional charges may apply for additional clutter to be organized.
Bathroom Routine: Products used as above and when requested Purple Stuff, Windex, Comet, CLR, Iron Out, ZAP. Shower and Sinks - Spray, scrub, rinse, buff dry. Buff and shine chrome and brass only. Track on all doors, glass, jets. Toilets - Inside, top to bottom, back. Tubs - Spray, scrub, rinse, buff dry. Floors - Cleaned by hand. Products used may vary depending on floor type. Tile Grout - Hand scrubbed. Lights & Fixtures - Cleaned and kept detailed as needed. Trash Cans - Emptied, cleaned, bags replaced (provided by customer). Closets - Floors-mopped, vacuumed with minimal straightening. Organizing is an additional charge. Dusting - All decor, woodwork, towel racks etc. Linens - All towels are folded with presentation. Clean towels, rugs may be replaced with customer's instructions.
Dusting Routine: All rooms are dusted top to bottom.  Products used: Pledge/Micro Fiber Cloths/Lamb's Wool Dusters. Furniture - Top/Sides/Fronts/Interior (when applicable). Woodwork - All woodwork is washed at the initial clean/continual dusting and periodic washing as your regular maintenance. Hearths - Clean as applicable (brick/marble/slate etc.). Door Entrances - All door entrances are cleaned inside and outside. Glasswork - Glass Doors/Kitchen Sink Windows/Glass Tables/Pictures/Mirrors. Additional Items Included - Ceiling Fans/Cobwebs/Louvre Doors/Tops of Curtains/A/C Return Vent Covers/Lamp Shades/Sills/Knick Knacks/TV Screens/Computer Screens (unless otherwise instructed) AND everything else in between!
Bonus/Game Rooms/Offices: Additional fee may apply for extra straightening/organizing. Sunrooms/Porches/Garages: Sweep/Cobwebs/Floors/Window Sills. Outdoor furniture (washing) is an additional price.  


Please notify in advance (1 or 2 weeks are appreciated)

Microwave $5.00

Extra Sheets  $5.00 (1st set complimentary)

Standard Oven  $15.00

Self-Cleaning Oven  $10.00 (Customer must run this while at home; LST Cleaning Service will wipe/clean)

Frig/Freezer  $30.00

Frig Only  $10.00

Mattress Pads  $3.00

Dust Ruffles  $5.00

Turning Mattresses  $5.00

ADDITIONAL EXTRAS: (Prices may vary)

Polishing Brass/Silver/Copper

Cabinet Oiling

Organizing: Cabinets/Pantry/Closets

Curio/China Cabinets


Patio/Deck Furniture